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Links valid as of 10/10/2016

  Historical Wargaming Sites
Spearhead Webpage... the main site with everything you need to know.
Rapid Fire! 20th Century Wargaming... has scenarios easily adapted.
H.M.G.S. East....miniature wargaming at it's best. Convention news and events.
Miniatures wargaming web magazine.
Flames of War...another set of WWII rules.
Command Decision... the "other" WWII rules.
  Miniatures and Wargaming Material
The Last Square......Ros/Heroics 1:285 miniatures
Campaign maps for the Normandy beaches and other wargaming aids.
GHQ...the Cadillac of 1:285 miniatures.
Scotia....1:300 figures. Look here for the stuff no one else has. (21st Panzer)
Map symbols... use the True Type fonts for your gaming labels.
  Campaigns and Orders of Battle
Nafziger Collection...order books and O.O.B.s here.
University of Texas Library... great 1944 maps for Omaha Beach.
US Army Military History Institute.
6 Juin 1944...Nice French site with area photos.
Current photo album of Normandy beaches.
WWII Day by Day. German maps and TOEs
  Military Units
352nd Division (German) Reenactors...nice pics of a sIG 33
AFV News- Tanks and Armor Page.
Panzerdiesel... German Armored Forces in WWII.
German Army Forces 1919-1945.
"Hell on Wheels"..US 2nd Armored Division.
WWII Tanks..line drawings and tech stats here.
The Luftwaffe, 1933- 1945. TOE section on ground troops.
British artillery in WWII
  Other WWII sites of interest
Captured near Vire, Captain T.V. Sigler's POW journal
Diekirch (Luxembourg) Museum of Military History
Panzermuseum Munster..in German. Many vehicle pictures.
WWII in the U.K. .....many stories and links.
GI Intelligence Dept. Reenactor site with uniform info.
Search US World War II ( 19411945 ) Military Records
Bunkersite. WWII German fortifications and armament.
Amazon Books (US).
Panzerlied...video of the only good part of the movie "Battle of the Bulge"
Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles
The Three Stooges... a natural for wargamers...Knucklehead!!
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania....my home
Internet Archive...search here for those dead sites!